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It is an equestrian coaches job to provide students with a safe and fun environment in which to develop their horseback riding skills. From Beginner thru advanced levels we want to reinforce to students that they need to develop an understanding with the horse and that this is essential in achieving a successful partnership between the two of them. This process helps to reinforce life skills by developing of important character traits, such as confidence, decisiveness and pride as well as the ability to handle oneself, with maturity, in stressful or pressured situations.

We believe that students should advance at their own rate and without the pressure to compete unless that is their own desire. Competition quickly advances the skills of horse and rider alike. If a competitive path is chosen we strive to instill in our students that gauging success is better applied to the improvement in the horse-rider team thna by comparisons of oneself with others. We want our students to develop their strengths, improve on their weaknesses and judge their success on these improvements.

The competitive riding field is a balance of a riders training and ability, their horse’s training, and their horse’s natural ability. Comparisons of ones success in the show ring needs to be kept in perspective.


Just like people, horses learn at their own rate and need individualized programs in order to maximize their abilities - some require patience while others need to be pushed. We ask a lot of our equine friends and they in turn should be treated with the utmost of care and respect. We customize each horse’s training program to suit the horses temperament and build confidence in the horse so that it will perform it’s job to the best of it’s ability. We want to keep the horse healthy, happy and confident so that it can have a successful and lasting career. As a hunter/jumper trainer I feel that I owe my equine partners the best care and attention possible.


It is more important to make a successful match between horse and rider, than it is to simply make a sale. If the partnership between the horse and rider is not harmonious then the sale is not a success. We want people to be happy with their purchase and if we cannot provide a horse suited to the buyer then we are happy to help find an appropriate horse or put the buyer in contact with someone who has a horse better suited to the buyer’s needs.

I always recommend that an amateur purchaser should obtain the help a reputable trainer and should get a veterinarian’s evaluation of the horse. This not only protects the purchaser, but it protects us from damage to our reputation should a problem develop in the future.

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